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Expand IP Industry Knowledge

As Japan Patent Law Firm Overseas Technology Department Head, with wide experience as a foreign patent engineer handling Japanese patent applications and patent technology, Mr. Kenji Ohba offers advice on working with different cultures to protect Intellectual Property.

Kenji OHBA

Kenji OHBA


Expand your knowledge by keeping an open mind to information

When you work with international companies, you will face various views from different cultures and histories. Listen to them and you will enrich yourself over discussions. Keeping your mind open to information is the way to expand your knowledge.

A person who can advise as a patent consultant.

Only with the latest patent precedent and wide knowledge of patent law, we can lead the client to the most effective and useful application which will be an important asset of the company.The environment of IP industry will have dramatic changes. "CS (Customer Satisfaction) which is already popular in many industries also becomes necessary in the patent industry. Not only handling with the requests from clients but also the ability to predict and protect future problems is required.

"Friendly rivalry" is a byword for us.

RYUKA is a professional consulting firm. As a consultant, a wide range of knowledge is necessary in technology, law, marketing, and English. The appealing point of this job is that you will develop an excellent relationship with your clients. In order to maintain the reliance, continuous learning and providing the knowledge to the clients is necessary. The happiest moment is the time when I feel a sense of unity with my client aiming together to one goal and the time my long coming effort appears as an excellent result.

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