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About Us

IP law, Protect, Grow

The service that Ryuka aims to provide is to create and protect enterprises through IP law.

An enterprise is born from one wondering, "Is such an enterprise possible?"
The idea turns into a concrete images, and integrating people's dreams and hopes along the way, makes its way to reality. By supporting and realizing people's ideas and dreams, our service contributes to the growth of industry and society.

The seed of enterprise lies dormant within an inventor's mind.
Ryuka aims to cultivate the seed so that it grows into a realization of the enterprise.

An inventor's mind holds many ideas that could be the key to the development of a new enterprise. However, left alone, these ideas will eventually dissipate. Before this happens, a IP Law firm that can help extract, support, and realize the idea is necessary.
This is where Ryuka's visualization and consulting expertise is best utilized.

To remain a top-level IP Law firm, Ryuka must continue to demonstrate professionalism.

In order to continue to accomplish its stated Mission, Ryuka must demonstrate professionalism.
A professional is able to objectively confirm that the ideas and actions of a firm meet the expectations of the clients and of society, and adjust accordingly. A professional must assess what a client needs, and what the firm can do to meet those needs.

Each and every member of Ryuka must possess that spirit and the ability to act.


As a collection of IP professionals,
Demonstrate leadership in creating and protecting enterprises, and
Contribute to the growth of industry and society.

External Values

Stimulate inventors' pursuits.
Expand the possibilities of IP Law departments.
Motivate outside partners.

Internal Values

Strive to learn.
Train each other.
Keep deepening communications.