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1998 Aki Ryuka, the Director, returned to Japan after having worked at a U.S. law firm named Cushman Darby & Cushman (Pillsbury Winthrop at present).
Aki Ryuka whose legal consultations in U.S. paid off has kept even more active right after getting back to Japan.
1999 Hired engineers who had 15-year foreign application experience.
Entrusted the engineers with further extending foreign cases and himself took charge of mainly domestic applications.
Contributed case analyses of the revised U.S. patent examination guideline related to software patents to Japan Intellectual Property Association.
Due to such actions, many positive responses obtained that led to authorization requests coming in from clients.
2001 Obtained significant results by patent litigations and license contracts of Internet patents filed by RYUKA.
Entrusted for various software-related applications by numerous internet startup companies.
2015 The organization of the trademark department was changed into that of an independent department.


2001 Proposed "patent visualization" to regular clients.
Creating patent inventions together with their inventors in a way that the patent inventions can cover larger scopes was set as our mission.
2002 Launched the patent visualization as a service independent from the service of composing specifications.
Received orders for the patent visualization from research departments of companies.
2003 Received orders for the same service from planning-type operations departments of companies.
The patent visualization became our main service.
2004 Thanks to research institutes and planning departments of companies spreading the word, we also received orders for the same service from development departments.
Aimed to support clients by enhancing invention expansion.