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Nao Fujishima

Patent Attorney (Japan)

Practice Areas:
Patent Prosecution

Mr. Fujishima’s main fields of technological specialty include material science, chemistry, biotechnology, and software, with a special focus in semiconductor materials, nanomaterials, anisotropic conductive films, control circuits for secondary batteries, plants, and web services.

Work Experience:
From 2000 until 2007, he worked for Organo Corporation as an engineer. After obtaining experience in the planning of water processing plants, he moved to the IP department where he worked to acquire intellectual property rights, prepared contracts, and assisted in litigations.

Mr. Fujishima joined RYUKA IP Law Firm in 2007.

Bachelor of Law, Chuo University (2013)
Master of Engineering, Osaka University, 2000
Bachelor of Engineering, Osaka University, 1998

Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)