Ryuka IP Law Firm offers (1) Trainee and (2) Patent Attorney Invitation Program for overseas associates.

(1) Trainee Invitation Program (Currently unavailable)

We welcome a candidate who is a patent attorney or a patent agent currently (or has experience in) working at an IP Law Firm or at the I.P. department of a corporate in any country, and who is interested in learning about Japanese practices and customs.
This program provides you excellent opportunities to develop a foothold for business in Japan by gaining on – the – job experience with our staff and our clients.
The term of this program is one to six months.

We have previously hosted trainees from Korea, Germany, United States, and Columbia. This international socialization also helps us to provide higher quality service to our clients.

(2) Patent Attorney Invitation Program

This program creates a foothold in the Japanese market, and is especially helpful to firms which plan to open a branch in Japan.

The associates will take over the work they usually do in their own country while gaining an understanding of Japanese culture and business customs within the open atmosphere at Ryuka.
The term for this program is from two months to two years. We would like to arrange an appropriate term for the applicant after mutual consultation.

If you speak English we do not require fluency in Japanese. We welcome people who enjoy interacting and working with people of different cultures.
We believe that experiencing Japanese business methods will be beneficial for your future business. We also look forward to further internationalizing our firm by welcoming and working with international associates.

The outlines of the programs are shown in the chart below. Please feel free to contact us or ask any inquiries through the application form.

We would look forward to your participation.

Patent Attorney Invitation Program Trainee Invitation Program
General Condition
  • Patent Attorney working in an IP Law Firm
  • At least 2 years work experience and experience of responding to more than 60 office actions is desired
  • Fluent in English or / and Japanese
  • Two month to two year term
  • Payment: By Overseas Firm
  • Patent Attorney or Agent working in an IP Law Firm
  • Fluent in English and / or Japanese
  • 1 to 6 months
  • Payment: By Overseas Firm
Benefit for Overseas Firm
  • Foothold for future business in Japan
  • Open business point in Japan after program completion
  • Accommodation is provided by Ryuka
  • Cubicle office is provided
  • On the job training while directly contacting with the Japanese Patent Office and clients along with Ryuka staff.
  • Basically take over and continue the work of your own firm.
  • Foothold for future business in Japan
  • Accommodation is provided by Ryuka
  • Cubicle office is provided
  • On the job training by our staff.
Benefit For Ryuka
  • Globalization
  • Internal education of different cultures
Other Requirements A person interested in Japanese culture and developing interpersonal communication skills and professional relationships. Japanese language skill is not required.