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Think Critically

Japan Patent Attorney, skilled inventor and Japanese Intellectual Property Firm Partner, Mr. Higashiyama has worked in Patent visualization and produced legal opinions. He emphasizes that the training expertise at Ryuka, in helping staff think critically, benefits the growth of both the firm and its individuals.

Tad Higashiyama

Tad Higashiyama

Patent Attorney

The ability to think critically. Everything has a reason

"My boss told me to do this way" "This is how it has always been done" If you do not question convention, you will never able to understand the substance of the matter, or be versatile. I believe what is supporting RYUKA’s quality is our staff’s ability to think critically,always questioning reasons and meanings for events and actions.

It takes time to train a staff to harness his/her ability to think critically. However, it is more beneficial to do so if we consider the quality and results of the work that only such people can deliver. In addition, the ability to think critically will become his/her asset.

RYUKA’s training expertise is a fundamental basis for accelerating the growth of the firm.

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