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Recommended, IAM Patent 1000

IAM Patent 1000

Nominated as Recommended.

Evaluation comments:
Founded in 1998, RYUKA IP Law Firm is “very active” in the Japanese prosecution scene, on behalf of clients that include global concerns from Korea, China and the United States. With an approach centred on thoroughly understanding inventions and the business requirements of their clients, the side’s 27 patent attorneys stand out for their close communication as well as their technical acuity in the electronics and software arenas. Alongside its drafting of applications for top Japanese companies, the team also provides a speedy and well-regarded translation service – much to the delight of overseas customers. An “incredible, smart, proactive and engaged person”, president and electrical engineering sage Aki Ryuka is qualified to practise in Japan and the United States. He is best-placed to field inquiries from potential patrons.