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International IP Services

PATENT AND TRADEMARK SERVICES In cooperation with our international associates, we assist our clients in filing applications all over the world. When prosecuting an application in your own country, it is usually recommended to work directly with a local firm. Our international associates are amongst the most respected firms in the world. We would be glad to introduce you to a firm best suited for your needs upon your request.

Patent Prosecution

In addition to having the legal skills required to practice patent law, our patent attorneys have significant experience as professional engineers and scientists in their respective fields.

Our areas of expertise include electronics, telecommunications, software, optics, mechanical engineering, semiconductors, electronic materials, chemicals, and biochemistry.

Whether we are working for a large R&D team of a multi-national corporation or studying handwritten sketches provided by an individual inventor, we aim to produce patent applications of the highest quality. The experience our patent attorneys have in their fields gives them a nuanced understanding of a particular business environment that goes beyond just the technical aspects of an invention. By applying this knowledge at the earliest stages of obtaining a patent, our team provides insights into obtaining stronger and more useful IP protection.

Here is a sample of services offered by our patent prosecution team:

Patent Applicants

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Utility Model Applicants

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