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Patent Translation Services

RYUKA offers English-to-Japanese translations of the highest quality at a reasonable cost. We have developed custom software and a rigorous, seven-stage translation process. Two translators, two Japanese patent attorneys, and three software analysis cycles are involved in every translation project.

Seven-stage Translation Workflow

Stage 1: RPA Software Check of English Application

Before translation begins, the English-language patent application is analyzed using proprietary software called RYUKA Patent Assistant™ ("RPA"). This software checks for over 120 types of errors that are commonly found in patent applications. Once the RPA check of the English application is finished, a report is drafted and given to the client describing the findings of the RPA check and a recommended course of action. The client may then decide how to proceed, and once this feedback is obtained the translation will proceed according to the client's instructions.

Stage 2: Translation of English Application into Japanese

After completion of the RPA analysis, our in-house translator translates the English application into Japanese begins. All translations are carried out within the firm.

Stage 3: RTC Software Check of Japanese Translation

Once the initial translation has been completed, the Japanese translation of the English application is analyzed using a second proprietary software application called RYUKA Trans-Checker™ ("RTC"). RTC begins by breaking down both the English and Japanese versions of the patent application sentence-by-sentence and displaying the English sentence and Japanese translation of that sentence side-by-side for the entire patent application. RTC then checks for consistency between the Japanese and English versions.

Stage 4: Peer-review of Initial Translation

Upon completion of the RTC analysis by the initial translator, the application is reviewed in its entirety by a second translator. Any revisions are reviewed by the team and the Japanese translation is edited accordingly.

Stage 5: Initial Patent Attorney Review

After completion of the secondary translator review of the Japanese translation, the application is then checked by a patent attorney team member of RYUKA Translation, Inc. Terminology known only to those skilled in the relevant art is often inserted at this stage.

Stage 6: Secondary Patent Attorney Review and JPO Compliance Check

After the initial Japanese patent attorney review of the Japanese translation, a second, senior Japanese patent attorney reviews the translated application, checking the language and the review of the initial patent attorney and also checking to ensure compliance with Japanese patent law.

Stage 7: RPA-J Software Check of Japanese Application

The final step in the process of translating the English language patent application is to assess the Japanese translation using a third proprietary software application called RYUKA Patent Assistant-J ("RPA-J"). RPA-J is a version of RPA that was developed by RYUKA IP Law Firm specifically to check Japanese language patent applications and prepare them for filing. RPA-J is programmed with and is able to apply the Japan Patent Office rules for patent form and language.