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Partner Tadayoshi Higashiyama


Patent Attorney (Japan)
Certified to practice IP litigation in Japan

Practice Areas:

Patent Prosecution, Invention Consulting (Patent Visualization), Opinions, Litigation

Mr. Higashiyama specializes in image processing, digital cameras, surveillance cameras, X-ray imaging machines, communication protocols, CDMA, upper-layer application software, electronic beam exposure devices, semiconductor testing devices, micro-switches, fuel cells and ultrasonic vibration systems.

Work Experience:

Mr. Higashiyama joined RYUKA IP Law Firm in April 2000.

Since joining RYUKA, Mr. Higashiyama has prosecuted patent applications for Japanese and overseas clients before the Japan Patent Office. He has also been a key member in implementing RYUKA’s Patent Visualization service, facilitating creation and development of inventions related to surveillance cameras, X-rays imagine machines, and fuel cells, including analyzing recent invention disclosures of competitors. His clients launched several new businesses based on the inventions and patent portfolios that were created with the help of Mr. Higashiyama’s services.

Mr. Higashiyama also routinely drafts legal opinions, advises clients on avoiding patent infringement at the design stage, and handles warning letters clients receive regarding potential infringement.

Significant recent litigation experience includes representation of a foreign client in several patent infringement lawsuits before the Japan courts and invalidation trials before the Japan Patent Office in 2011 and 2012.


Master of Science and Engineering, Keio University, 2000
Bachelor of Science and Engineering, Keio University, 1998


Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)


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