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 Managing Intellectual Property September 2011

 Patent visualization : PART 3
 Aki Ryuka and Stephen Hamon of Ryuka IP Law Firm present a strategy for obtaining strong
 IP rights in the electronics and software fields


 Patent visualization : PART 2

 Managing Intellectual Property/ ISSUE 206/ February 2011

 Patent visualization

 Managing Intellectual Property/ ISSUE 196/ February 2010

 Synchronising prosecution to obtain stronger patents

 Aki Ryuka and Stephen Hamon present ‘Synchronising Prosecution’, strategic patent prosecution  throughout the world. Through Synchronising Prosecution, Ryuka IP Law Firm can help clients to  obtain strong patents while saving time and reducing costs.

 Asia Law & Practice IP Profile 2008

 Synchronize responses to world Official Actions for valid patents

 Taking Leadership For Protecting And Creating Businesses

 Managing Intellectual Property November 2003

 Top firms in trade marks

 Managing Intellectual Property December 2002 / January 2003

 Japan to extend copyright term / January 2003

 Japan enacts IP reforms / December 2002

 Managing Intellectual Property July / August 2002

 Japan to reinforce IP framework by 2003

 Managing Intellectual Property May 2002

 Record Japan patent award in doubt

 Managing Intellectual Property April 2002

 Japan gives software patents green light

 The month in words

 Managing Intellectual Property March 2002

 Increased online rights protection on the way in Japan
 Legislation boosted protection for owners of online Intellectual Property in Japan, addressing  the question of patent protection for software available on the internet

 Managing Intellectual Property September 2001
 Asia IP Focus, Japan: A strategic approach for TM protection
 This article, written by Ryuka IP Law Firm for publication in Managing Intellectual Property  magazine, provides an overview of the Japanese trade mark process and strategies for  trademark applicants to successfully secure trademark protection in Japan. It also shows how  to avoid common difficulties in the Japanese trademark process.

 IP ASIA Patent Yearbook 2001 (Euromoney Publications)

 The Japanese Patent Process: A Strategic Approach To Patent Protection