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Japanese intellectual property law firm RYUKA is led by IP Professionals with rich backgrounds in many technical fields and expertise in a variety of jurisdictions.

Our Key Practice Areas include Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Licensing, Designs, Utility Models, and Litigation, with areas of technical specialty in Electronics, Telecommunications, Software, Optics, Mechanical Engineering, Semiconductors, Electronic Materials, Chemicals, and Biochemistry.

Firm Mission Strong IP protection promotes creative enterprise, which contributes to society. RYUKA’s visualization and consulting experts support inventors in the realization of their ideas. Our talented patent attorneys and other IP practitioners work with professionalism to keep our clients’ valuable assets safe.

A Message from Our President "Attention to the smallest task is vital in providing the best Intellectual Property services. At RYUKA, we aspire to create and encourage dreams and goals among our IP staff, developing self-esteem and future vision." – Akihiro Ryuka, President


In view of recent developments of the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and Intellectual Property High Court (IPHC), patent attorneys of RYUKA offer some insights into successful patent, trademark, and design protection.

Japanese Patent Protection
Japanese Trademark Protection
Japanese Design Protection


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Protecting your Intellectual Property in a foreign jurisdiction can be a daunting endeavor for even the most sophisticated applicant. In addition to our patent, utility model, trademark, and design filing and prosecution services, RYUKA offers other IP related services, such as in the areas of litigation, written infringement and validity opinions, and licensing agreements. At every step of the way, we strive to provide extra value to our clients.

The majority of our partners have experience litigating infringement actions before the Tokyo or Osaka District Court and the IP High Court of Japan. Japanese patent attorneys who have obtained the necessary qualification may represent clients jointly with outside attorneys-at-law. We select or recommend outside attorneys-at-law for joint representation depending on the particular needs of our clients.

When preparing infringement opinions, we not only analyze the product in its current form but propose modifications that place the product safely outside the scope of the patentee’s claims.

When it comes to drafting and negotiating licensing agreements, we feel that the most important thing is the ability to anticipate changes in the business environment. With this in mind, rather than drafting from a purely legal perspective, we study trends in the business environment and aim to provide contract documents that will work advantageously in the future.

Protecting Your Confidential Information

While attorney-client communications are protected from disclosure in US litigation under the right circumstances, this privilege over communications with a Japanese patent attorney is particularly uncertain. US-licensed attorneys at RYUKA, including Aki Ryuka, help ensure that your confidential communications are protected to the extent possible by US law.

Patent Visualization

For clients interested in getting the most out of their inventions from the moment an idea is born, we offer a consulting service known as Patent Visualization. Our Patent Visualization experts will assist you in systematically developing your ideas from a very early stage to optimize the chances of filing patent applications at the critical time before market growth.


The importance of meeting face-to-face when establishing new contacts cannot be understated when it comes to doing business in Japan. What better time to have a meaningful and memorable in-person exchange than when you have just demonstrated your expertise as an IP practitioner to the attendees of a seminar?

Our office, located in the downtown Shinjuku area of Tokyo, is equipped with a 50-person seminar room. We are happy to host IP-related seminars run by you and your colleagues. We will do our best to make your presentation as successful as possible by extending invitations to Japanese companies who may wish to attend. Depending on what you feel would be most helpful, we can volunteer various degrees of English-Japanese language assistance, ranging from providing brief spoken summaries of your slides to putting you in touch with an outside interpreter.

In recent years, as more Japanese companies are choosing foreign associates in-house, a good impression is becoming more valuable. By using our office as a forum for your presentations to corporate counsel, you have an opportunity to leave a lasting impression that will be critical for your ongoing success in Japan.

Intellectual Property Q & A

President Akihiro Ryuka addresses a sample of Japanese Trademark and Patent Law questions.


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