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The RYUKA Mission

Innovative technologies are born from small ideas by inventors.

RYUKA shall help inventors expand those ideas into concrete images, provide the basis for future businesses by IP protection, and contribute to industrial and social developments.
RYUKA professionals shall modestly listen to our clients’ requests, to make clear the visions for future businesses, and to unleash the possibility of intellectual properties.
We shall seek talents worldwide and keep growing as a forever-burning organization by learning and training new members with unique skills and characteristics.

Maximizing the Possibilities of Intellectual Properties and Seeking Social Contribution

Intellectual properties have great potentials.

Creating valuable intellectual property leads to business development and the protection of the business.

We want to make the most of such potentials to achieve our goal of contributing to society.

We are Willing to Provide Services to “Create and Protect Businesses” through IP Strategies

Businesses start from a thought of an individual wondering whether he/she can realize an idea.

Ideas are eventually crystallized into concrete images and turned into reality by involving many people’s dreams and wishes along its way.

If our service could support a society where people realize their dreams and hopes through intellectual properties, we would significantly contribute to the industry and society’s growth.

Opportunities for New Businesses Lie in Inventors’ Minds

We aim to bridge between the ideas and realization.
The minds of key inventors are filled with ideas that may become essential to business development.
However, without any effort, such passion may eventually fade away.
We shall bring out those ideas, back them up, and make them come true.
This is where RYUKA’s strength, which lies in our patent visualization and consulting expertise, can be demonstrated.

To be a Valuable IP Law Firm, RYUKA Members shall Continue to Pursue Professionalism

To accomplish those missions, we need to keep being professionals.
As professionals, we shall make sure that our views and plans align with clients and society’s expectations and keep adjusting our practices.

Imagine the ultimate objects of the clients and consider what we can do to meet those needs.

Every professional at RYUKA shall be highly motivated and to take action to achieve this goal.

Mission and Values


Take leadership towards the protection and creation of businesses and contribute to industrial and social growth as a team of professionals.

External Value

Be a firm that stimulates inventors’ spirit of inquiry and develop their potentials.
Be a firm that expands the possibilities of IP departments.

Internal Value

Keep learning.
Continue deepening communications with clients.
Value education for others.