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Outline of the Design System

Design Subjects

In addition to the shapes of products and GUI images, interiors and building outlooks are registerable. A design for a portion of an entire product (partial design) is also registerable.


Six views (top, bottom, left, right, front, and back) are required, although the same or symmetric views can be omitted. If the depth of the recess is not shown, a cross-sectional or perspective view must be added. The drawings must be entirely consistent with each other. Amendments to the drawings are rarely accepted.

Non-Registerable Designs

(1) Designs that have no industrial applicability

For example, pure art such as sculptures, designs that cannot be mass-produced, logos, characters, and designs based on natural materials such as shell fossils are not registerable.

(2) Designs publicly known or easily created

Grace Period

A design can be filed within one year from the date it is publicly disclosed through sales or advertising. Even if priority is claimed, the application must be filed in Japan within one year from the disclosure. The grace period must be claimed at the time of filing, and proof of disclosure must be submitted within 30 days of filing.

Early Examination

The examination can be expedited if the design was also filed abroad.

Secret Designs

Publication of the registered design can be deferred up to three years.

Duration of Design Right

25 years from the filing (20 years from the registration if the application was filed before April 2020)