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We are committed to creating
the patents with high value.

Aki Ryuka
Patent Attorney, Japan
Attorney at Law, California

Message from Managing Partner

The importance of patents is growing.

For example, a company acquiring the most patents for autonomous vehicles is a U.S. software company. The company may achieve more profits from cars in the future than car manufactures. This means that the time has come for the companies without manufacturing and selling sections to overwhelm the manufacturing companies by utilizing research-and-development and patents.

The patent system supports such changes in the social structure. More companies focus solely on research-and-development and provide their technologies, utilizing patent licenses. The license accelerates the improvements in the products and technologies in the world because the licensees can avoid the same research and focus on their strength.

As the social structure changes, patents will be even more important. In particular, making an investment for future technologies and building a patent portfolio for the future will be critically important. The role of patent law firms also changes. We must support the creation of inventions by searching relevant proposals from patent publications and discussing with the inventors.

The patent system facilitates not only to sell and purchase technologies and parts but also to outsource production and sales, thereby develops cooperative relations between companies and between nations.

To fulfill our responsibilities toward that time, RYUKA will continue to make steady efforts.