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We understand the significance of IP for our clients in generating capitals and creating new inventions. Therefore, we endeavor to provide the best service through proactive communications with our clients.

For example, when drafting patents, our patent attorneys have the two goals in mind: (1) the broadest scope of protection; and (2) the highest damage award in case of litigation.

Because damage awards in Japan are relatively low compared to those in the U.S., many companies in Japan focus on excluding others from making or selling competing products rather than seeking for infringement damages. As a result, most Japanese patent attorneys only emphasize broadening the protection scope but give few thoughts on how to draft patent applications to maximize damage awards.

Claims that provide a broader scope of protection are different from those that offer higher damage awards. For instance, a patent for a semiconductor device used in a wide range of equipment often has a broader protection scope than a patent for communication equipment containing the same semiconductor device. However, because the profit made by the semiconductor device is much lower than that of the communication equipment, a patent for the communication equipment might result in a more significant damage award.

Drafting claims to maximize damage awards requires the patent attorney to understand how products generate profit, in addition to knowledge of product price, market share, and profit margins. For an invention with potential uses in several different markets, RYUKA maximizes client profits by preparing various claims or applications for the different markets and drafting the patent embodiment specific to different business plans. Such information is obtained only by proactive communications with clients.

As intellectual properties become more valuable and business becomes more global, RYUKA assumes an indispensable role in supporting and protecting clients and their technologies. Our proactive communication drives us to keep improving our services and taking on more responsibilities and challenges for the better of our clients’ business and society as a whole.