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Overview of the Hague International Design Application

Japan can be designated in the international application.
After the international publication, the applicant can take procedures to the JPO.
Except for the appeal procedure, all documents must be submitted via postal mail.

Priority Certificate

If priority is claimed at the time of international filing, a priority certificate must be submitted to the JPO within three months after the international publication.
If the international registration date is on or after January 1, 2020, it is possible to omit the submission of the priority certificate by indicating access code in DM1.

Exceptions to Lack of Novelty

If an applicant has applied for an exception to lack of novelty, an applicant must submit support documents to the JPO within 30 days of the international publication.

Response to Provisional Rejection

The response period is three months from the issue date of the notification. Extension of one month is accepted.