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Japan’s IP Law states that the objective of the law is “eventually to promote Japan’s industry”. Ryuka takes a broader view: we promote the world’s industry by helping our clients succeed internationally. We collaborate with our clients who trust us to protect and develop their most promising intellectual property, the lifeline of their business.

At Ryuka, IP law specifications are prepared with an eye towards future favorable licensing terms and successful litigation. In order to ensure full coverage, specifications filed by Ryuka are, on average, more than twice as long and contain twice as many claims as those drafted by other Japanese IP law firms. Today’s effort to provide a fully detailed description will give your IP law the strongest basis for later exploitation in Japan. Our policy and our desire is to establish enduring ties with our clients. We help international firms gain a foothold, or boost their position in Japan by building for them an effective IP portfolio. The clients who value each and every one of their IP seeds are the clients who treasure the service we provide, because we obtain high quality broad protection for every application we file.

Located in the business epicenter of Japan, we often provide service to our clients beyond what they would normally get from a IP law firm. We have worked as a business promoter as well as a licensing negotiator and have helped guide marketing in Japan by enforcing the IP rights that we have obtained for our clients. Based on an accurate valuation of the technology, we are able to seek out and introduce potential licensees, investors, and future business partners. We support our foreign clients and help them to establish a solid business in Japan based on their IP. We can inject our know-how for either business start-up or expansion. Only a modern and aggressive firm like Ryuka can open non-traditional doors to success in Japan.

At Ryuka, everything we do is motivated by our desire to better understand our clients; we succeed only if you do.