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Cultivation Policy

Aiming to provide the best IP services

When overwhelmed with work, it can be easy to lose sight of the purpose of each task; at those times, we must keep in mind the importance of our task.

Consider the time and effort spent on the creation of the invention, and the feelings of inventors and people in IP department. A single invention may have the power to change the course of people’s lives. Missing a fax, could kill an invention and put to waste enormous effort.

Therefore, we should maintain the genuine professionalism when tackling our work. Maintaining high spirit effects on our clients.

Message from Managing Partner

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Free Vision

Future vision motivates our selves.

We would like to be free for creating future vision.

When facing difficulties, let’s create a larger vision that is achieved by overcoming them.

This is how we strive to be, when meeting with our colleagues, employees and clients, and all other time.

Internal Education

Discussion based education inside the RYUKA firm.

What is the reason to add one sentence in the specification? Why do we need to omit one word? Even when it is about one sentence or word, we may change it after discussion as it has a huge impact on understanding patent practice.

Our enthusiasm toward the invention and education is the first step in gaining stronger rights.

That’s where we start.

Success of Life

Success of life is a process to achieve one’s preset goals. Current income does not mean much in success. Brightening yourself in aiming to your goal is most important.

RYUKA is a firm that provides success of life. A firm that creates dreams and goals with our people and encourages them. A firm that develops in people, self-esteem and freedom of creating future vision through out creating and achieving their goals.

Much of the life success we can provide toward this goal, and in doing so we experience our successful achievements. Through this, we grow to a larger and stronger firm.

The true professional deepens communication with clients

The more confidence we have with business, the more we need to listen to our clients.
With experiences, if we feel confident, let us listen to our clients more carefully.
Technical skills do not mean much if we lose a more important skill; listening.
Let us set a larger goal and advise each other toward this goal.
That is how true professional would be.

Commitment Creates Possibility

A person with commitment understands his value.

A person understanding his value affirms another’s value.

A person affirming oneself and other’s values can be straightforward.
Here, a proactive relationship develops and possibilities grow to draw others and yourself toward the future.

RYUKA takes pride in being such professionals.